Strandpaviljoen Soomers

Beverage packages

For receptions, parties and events people frequently start asking for all-in prices per person, so you know the costs in advance.

Because of this reason Soomers created drinks- and dinner arrangements; a fixed price per person for a couple of hours of drinks, possibly in combination with a BBQ or dinner. This way everybody can easily calculate what the reception, party or event will cost. The way it works is, ad up the price for the buffet of your choice, with the chosen drinks arrangement and it forms the price per person. Because of this fixed price per person, you’ll won’t be surprised after the reception, party or event.

Off course we can always assist you in putting together the suitable combination for the reception, party or event. And we would love to advise you with custom events, with for instance the oysterman and a great band or DJ.


Download the brochure of beachclub Soomers (pdf)